Fatalities in MMA

Luckily for the UFC, sanctioned fights didn’t end in death. Rather, no one died in the arena itself, but there were such cases as a result of the battle. Mixed martial arts is a tough, sometimes brutal sport, however, this applies not only to him. In the same boxing, the number of deaths is in the hundreds.

And because of the rigid rules and restrictions, MMA has become more traumatic than fatal. Thanks to the use of not only fists, but legs and even the whole body, there are fewer serious head injuries. But a lot of leg fractures. In 2021 alone, there were two nasty cases where former UFC champions Chris Weidman and Conor McGregor suffered horrific fractures.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped betting on them. There will be new fights, other odds, updated quotes, which you can see on site. This betting application is characterized by maximum loyalty. But mixed martial arts competitions cannot boast of it, because full contact is provided.

Unauthorized and amateur meetings are dangerous to health

Until the end of the 90s. In the 20th century, “fights without rules” were in an illegal or semi-legal position. Therefore, it is quite difficult to compile statistics, because many situations were summed up as banal street fights, accidents, etc.

Only the death of Alfredo Herrera, who died in Tijuana after a knockout at the age of 15, was accurately recorded buxic.

  • During the World Super Challenge in Kyiv, Douglas Dej died of head injuries in 1998
  • Lee died in South Korea in 2005 after a fight. The reason is a heart attack.
  • In 2012, Mike Mittelmeier was the victim of a foul in Bolivia and fell into a coma due to a brain hemorrhage. In the same year, for a similar reason, the sport lost Dustin Jenson.

There are many such cases, but the most glaring paradox was the death of Pablo Elochukwu in Michigan. He could have been saved if the doctors were on duty nearby or at least the ambulance was called in time.

Incidents in MMA, but outside of the UFC

In 2007, Renegades Extreme fighter Sammy Vasquez fell into a coma and died from complications of blunt trauma to the head and a brain hemorrhage following a knockout loss in October of that year.

At the Extreme Fighting Championship tournament in South Africa, an athlete from the Congo,

Gielen, died after TKO.

Since 2019, at least 9 more people have died.

If they had all bet on the UFC from the very beginning, then many troubles could have been avoided. It is not for nothing that reliable bookmakers work only with official organizations, do not create illegal sweepstakes and use only the most verified information.

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