General Poker Tells

If you want to win a poker game, there are a few general poker tells you can look for. These are small actions that give you clues about the other players’ hand. They can be either subtle or visible. The key is to find out which tells your opponents use and when. You can use this information to your advantage. Here are some general poker tells to watch out for:

A player holding a weak hand may fold pre-flop. If they are not bluffing, their fold indicates they have a weak hand. A player with a strong hand would not draw attention to himself, but would be comfortable announcing the folding of his hand. Double-checking hole cards is a tell that shows the player is relaxed and may have a strong hand. While players with weak hands might not want to draw attention, those with weak hands should be on their guard.

One of the most common general poker tells is slackness. While you may not be able to notice it immediately, the way your hands move gives away a lot of information. You can notice someone shaking their hands if their hands are trembling slightly. However, people who are nervous can’t control that. You can use these general poker tells to catch these players in action. Once you spot these players, you’ll know you’re in a good position.

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