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Where Can I Get Sports Odds API and Results?

Several online sportsbooks and bookmakers offer sports odds APIs, which are designed for high volume players. These APIs allow you to get data from multiple sources, such as odds for a single event, outright competitor, or market. The Sports Event Change Log endpoint returns a list of sport events where the odds changed. You can use a Unix timestamp in UTC as the URL input parameter. For this endpoint, the Unix timestamp must be in the range of the current UTC time – 15 min. To access the data for this endpoint, make sure to call it frequently. You should request it with a frequency no less than 60 seconds, and no more than twelve million times per month.

Depending on how you’ve configured your API, some sports will have more or fewer entries in the database. To access the latest odds and results, you should visit the RapidAPI Marketplace. There, you’ll find an abundance of sports odds APIs with freemium pricing. Freemium subscriptions let you pay for the resources that you use, and then scale up your usage to premium subscriptions when you’re ready. Api-Sports API-Football has betting odds and results APIs for over 700 leagues, while Api-Sports API-Basketball includes 115 cups and leagues.

If you need data for a specific event, you can use the Live Odds API, which delivers near real-time odds. You can get data from dozens of sportsbooks in the US and internationally. OddsJam’s data is updated every few seconds, and its API can support millions of betting markets. OddsJam’s APIs are easy to integrate into your website, and their APIs are very convenient to use

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